I am having a serious problem keeping my sense of humor right now, so I'll post this, you'll laugh, and then my misery at this moment will not be for naught.

Moments you think about bringing your kids with you to the bar for a martini.

It's 4:30 pm and you're trying to do the laundry from this morning when your daughter had an accident and wet through the "pull up" onto all of the bedding.   The dog is taking this opportunity while you are in the basement to start tearing up the bathroom garbage, you are addressing this and you hear the bread machine walk itself off the kitchen counter, falling to the floor (probably committing suicide) and in the process spilling pizza dough all over the kitchen floor.  Dinner plans back to square one.  Mop bucket in the garage is full of spiders (one of my least favorite things).  The kids shoes are full of dough.  The playroom floor is covered in marbles.  And your husband doesn't seem to recognize any of these things as a problem.

Top that, folks!

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  1. ccollins says:

    In fairness to…well…me, I was at work with 25 minutes until would be able to leave, and I was not made aware of any of the events prior to the bread machine falling. My response at the time: “Take it easy. Take a break. Go play with the kids for 30 minutes and I’ll take care of it as soon as I get home.”

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