Adoption Questions


Today, Dillon was making an argument that I should allow Rose to go with him to his all-day dance camp at Danceworks tomorrow.  They have camps on days off school, and Dillon loves them.  He was telling me that there are three-year-olds in the camp, so I should send Rose with him.  (I strongly doubt there are, I tried to get D into the classes last year as a four-year-old and they were pretty strict about this class series.)  So he's telling me about all the things that Rose could do in the class.

I finally sort of win him over with the argument that the class doesn't take a nap, and Rose does, so she might not be ready, and maybe next year.  He sees the logic in that, then says, "None of the three-year-olds in the class are adopted."  I tell him that it is hard to tell by just looking at people who is adopted, and he says, "But they can all talk!"  

"But Rose can talk, Dillon."

"Yeah, but she doesn't enunciate her words very clearly," he says.   I love my son.  I explain that some children are adopted as very little babies and they may learn English as their first language.  And some kids who aren't adopted may not enunciate well.  He still has some questions about adoption, I imagine he will for a long time, but he sure keeps me on my toes!

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