French Toast for Dinner


Today we had French Toast and Morningstar veggie sausages for dinner.  And because we went out to a non-fast-food restaurant the other night and D discovered appetizers (and suggested we have more of them) we tried Morningstar's Eggs Florentine nuggets for our appetizer.  D must be going through a growth spurt, because he ate three pieces of french toast, three not-sausages, and then asked for eggs.  I made him the leftover french toast batter scrambled eggs, and sold them as cinnamonny-eggs.  While they were cooling on his plate, my two boys started to battle over who got the last piece of french toast.  Charles said, 'you have a plate of eggs there, eat those first.'  

But I sort of quietly said, "I'm not sure how those are going to taste, I don't know that it's fair to make him eat them…"

D stuck a fork-full into his mouth and said, "YUM!  They taste just like burned french toast!"

He ate them, then split the last piece of toast with his dad.  

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