My Husband is a Hairdresser


Rose only lets Charles do her hair.  

This is a source of a little embarrassment for me (because you always hear about white women who can't do their biracial kids' hair) although, honestly, Rose hasn't really given me a chance.  She came from Ethiopia with no hair, and by the time she had enough to 'do, D was back in school, which means that I run out the door with him in the morning, and Rose has an hour of quality time with her dad, which includes, among other things, hair-time.  

So I don't feel too badly about it, really, and when push REALLY comes to shove, she'll let me do it.  But it is incredibly funny how my husband is now obsessed with little girls' hairdos.  He went out and bought a bunch of headbands and clips today.  And he's constantly scoping out ideas on how to do different things.  

The funniest thing:  A few days ago, we were leaving the house (it is January in Wisconsin) and I go to put a hat on Rose's head.  He stops me, saying "What are you doing?  You'll mess up her hair!"

2 Responses to “My Husband is a Hairdresser”

  1. Cheri & TJ says:

    TJ and I are cracking up! I’ve got tears rolling. I can see his face all twisted up as he’s asking you. That’s great!

  2. Nic says:

    Better cute then warm… that is what I always say.

    oh… and:

    Do you know how I know your husband is gay…

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