Sib Spats


It is interesting to me how kids seem to come up with the same stuff as I did when I was a kid.

Today at breakfast, the kids are eating pancakes, I'm cooking them in the kitchen.  D starts to put syrup on his pancake.

Rose: That's enough Dillon.

Dillon: [ignores her silently.] 

Rose: [exasperated] That's enough Dillon!  [growing more and more exasperated] That's enough Dillon!  THAT'S ENOUGH DILLON!

Dillon: You're not the boss of me!

Rose: Yes I am!

Dillon:  You're too bossy!

Rose:  I'm not bossy!  You're bossy!

At which point I start cracking up and distract them from their argument.  I've never heard them argue this coherently before.  Usually if they're bickering, it's over a specific item that they both want, and the vocal track hovers around the ballpark of "mine." "this is my toy!" "Mom!" etc.   This is a new development, one I am sure I will tire of shortly.

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