Good news


So, I totally can't believe how generous everyone has been, and due to the huge numbers of donated stuff and commitments to donate stuff, I will be driving a van down to New Orleans full of books, school supplies, etc. with a friend on September 30th.  Hopefully the kids will have the materials by that Monday or Tuesday!  What an amazing group of people I know, I am truly moved by how quickly everyone stepped up to help.

Special thanks and recognition to Dillon & Rose's school, Maryland Avenue Montessori for donating so many books I haven't been able to pick them all up yet because I need to find additional boxes.  And to Mary Ann for mobilizing the entire Milwaukee District Attorney's office to help.  And to Joyce and her friend for getting the County's Bureau of Child Welfare involved in getting supplies together!  My boss/friend Gerise has also gotten permission from our board of directors to send a request to all of our members…

I will be trying to collect everything to take down in one trip, so if you've gotten me your stuff already, thank you!  And if you have items for me to take, please let me know.

Here's hoping we can fill that van!


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