New Orleans Trip pt. 1


Gerise and I set out for New Orleans today with a vanload of stuff, and made it as far as Winona, Mississippi.   We left tons of textbooks back at our office to be shipped down later.  The response for the New Orleans schools was awesome.  We've so far gotten over 25 boxes of supplies and well over 1,000 textbooks.  We're bringing all the supplies and samples of all of the textbooks and some sets, but the van is lowriding and terrifying to drive already.  It's a full-size conversion van and it's sort of like driving a really heavy sail.  I was white-knuckling it the whole way, when we stopped for a bathroom break I realized my whole body was completely tensed up…

We should be in New Orleans by lunchtime tomorrow!  Can't wait for some good food after the fast food we ate today…  I ate my way through New Orleans last time I was there, and Luke told me he has since found even better places to eat.  I find that incredibly hard to believe, but am willing to test that theory. 

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