A friend of mine is graduating from law school and just sort of plopped me into a little crisis of "what am I doing with my life?"  We left our last job at pretty much the same time and I haven't progressed too much from where I was.  My family's grown (and improved with the addition of Rose) but career-wise not so much.

So I am thinking about applying to a Master's program that begins in January.  I've been thinking about doing it forever but it just never seems to be an ideal time.  And now I'm wondering if there will EVER be an ideal time, or if it's just like having kids and you have to suck it up and deal with what comes, as there is never a great time to totally interrupt the flow of your life. 

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  1. Cheri says:

    I really have to disagree with you in regard to the level of progressing in your career since you left Strive. It may not seem like it to you, but you’ve really done a lot – and continue to do a lot. You now have your own consulting/contracting business. You’re also some hotshot exec with a chamber of commerce. And you’re running your household. That’s a lot. A whole lot. And you don’t just skate by, you ROCK IT.

    Give yourself a bit more credit. You are awesome!

    plus you put up with Stinky Chuck.

  2. mcollins says:

    Thank you Cheri for coming to my pity party and bringing sweet things… I’m cool, though. We’ll see what the new year brings for me!

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