Grocery Store


So, my kids are TOTAL backseat drivers.  When I turned a different way coming home today, Rose asked, "Mom, where are we going?" 

I told her we were going to stop at the grocery store and Dillon says, "I am pretty sure the only grocery store around here is Trader Joe's."  I confirm that yes, this is where we'll be stopping.  He asks, "Do we LIKE Trader Joe's, mom?"  Good question, but it is convenient and I want to do one of those in-and-out trips, so I say, "I think we like them.  Why wouldn't we?"  And he reminds me of Thanksgiving, when Charles, Anna and I cracked each other up by pointing out how garbage T.J.'s guacamole was.  But then, ever the diplomat, he says that maybe their other stuff is good and Thanksgiving was just a bad day for them.

I quickly regret stopping there, though, as they are seriously packed, and the shopping trip degrades into Rose repeatedly asking for a croissant (which TJ doesn't seem to have today) and Dillon begging for "Jelly Belly Sours."  I tell him to ask Santa, as he still has his Halloween candy, and also I have never bought him non-holiday candy before in his life and I don't intend to start now.  The guy behind us in line finds this funny, but probably not so much when D continues to ask every 20 seconds until we leave…  Ah well.  I really should know better than to stop at the grocery store on Friday night.

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