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Shouldn't the girlfriend-thing wait?


At the dinner table tonight Dillon informed Charles and I that there's a reason he likes 'girl books.'  We asked what constitutes a girl book, and he said, "you know, like the Creative Girls Club" which is a book his Nana Joyce gave him.  So we asked why.

"I have a girlfriend."  (It is all I can do to not laugh out loud.)

"Her name is Olivia. (He spends a moment here detailing which Olivia it is in his class as there are a few girls with that name.  I'm not going through that part of the conversation as I want to protect the young lady's identity.  I think about asking if she is a girl, who is his friend, or his 'girlfriend' when he says)  "We fell in love today right in front of each others' faces."  I have to get up and get a drink of water to not crack up.  I cannot make eye contact with Charles.

I ask if they play together on the playground, and he said, "Not yet, but we probably will.  We're both Math whizzes."  I ask if they work together in his class and he says, "We think the same and make the same choices."  Although she's in third grade, so they probably aren't doing the same work…

I try to figure out how he decided that they were boyfriend/girlfriend, but he doesn't fess up to someone else putting that idea into his head.  I really don't know where this came from, he rarely talks about girls at school let alone something like this! 

Walking in…


I walked in on Dillon the other day wearing a cowboy vest and hat, sitting in a corner, reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House in the Big Woods."