Rose & The TV


Rose was home sick Monday and Tuesday this week.  She is feeling better now, but she spent a lot of time on the couch those two days, watching tv and fighting her fever and illness.

We watched one show on Monday, Super WHY , about some kind of reading superheroes.  It was cute, geared towards a younger audience than Between the Lions, which is one of my favorite kids' shows.  But Super WHY is one of those Dora the Explorer-type call and response shows.  Charles hates these shows as he doesn't think kids should talk to the television.  I, on the other hand, feel that any practice Rose gets with her words is useful and needed.

But all of the super friends on the show introduce themselves to the viewer, and then they say, "what's your name?" And Rose says, "Princess!"  Apparently she chose herself an alias. 

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