Family Day 2008!


Woah.  Three posts to the blog in one month.  Guess you can tell it's summer vacation from grad school too…

July 31st is a special day.  (Besides being Charama's birthday!)  It was two years ago today that Charles and I met Rose for the first time, in Ethiopia.  Our family became complete.

So we had a little plan to celebrate- go to the Bayshore Mall where there's a swing band playing tonight, and have a picnic in the park and listen to the music.  I got off work really late, and Cubs v. Brewers and State Fair traffic conspired to make me even later.  It looked like rain.  But we stubbornly pushed through, and we met up with my parents, Mary Ann, and Nana, staked out a spot (Dillon brought magazines to read) and it turned into a beautiful night.

It only took Rose one song to get into full Martha Graham mode.   She has become quite the elegant dancer/choreographer…  They covered the fountain at the mall to make a dance floor and all eyes were on her as she totally owned it.  More than a few people came up to tell me what a beautiful daughter I have.   She shines.  Or glows or something.  It's impossible not to smile when you watch her enjoy the music, which she really does wholeheartedly.  She finished all of her routines with a gymnastics flourish, arms in a 'V' in the air.  I kinda wish I brought the camera, but then again I am happy I didn't, I was much more in the moment, enjoying the evening, and not worried about documenting it.  

Rose even got her brother to put down his magazine for a while and they danced together for several songs.  D's experimenting with a lift that isn't sanctioned by the parental ballroom authority.  We're worried Rose will wind up on her head.  Other than that, they looked great.  When he got tired and thirsty she ran off the floor after him and got grandma, Mary Ann, and grandpa to dance with her.  She wore everyone out.  Charles and I muddled our way through some swing and foxtrot numbers, but it was his tango with Rose that totally stole the show.  It was a lovely evening.  A perfect way to celebrate our family.

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