Poppy seeds


D is constantly amazing me with the stuff that he brings up in conversation. Today in the car, on the way to the beach, he says, “will you turn down the music? Because I want to tell you something: do you know mom, before they had fast-melting, gummy, or liquid medicines a lot of times people used plants for their medicinal purposes? For example, people ate poppy seeds for pain relief.”

I mentioned that I did, in fact, know that, and he says “You know, women who were pregnant or nursing a baby couldn’t eat the poppy seeds because it would go through to the baby. It’s kind of like caffeine in that way.” I agreed, and we proceeded to have a conversation about the transmission of chemicals from a pregnant or nursing mom to her child. He just blows me away sometimes. The whole time I meant to ask where in the world he got this information, except I was so engaged in the conversation I totally forgot to bring it up.

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