Rose and Gymnastics


Rose has progressed to the “Level 3” gymnastics team this summer and will begin to compete in September. I think about this at this time because she is currently choreographing a series of very dramatic (including “jazz hands” and “sassy walks”) routines in the living room. Any time we have music on these days, this is not an uncommon sight. Particularly on days where she doesn’t go to the gym to work out. Which she does four days a week for three hour stretches. And she loves it.

I mean, LOVES it. If I needed any further proof, yesterday I asked her if she wanted to go back to school shoe shopping. She had already changed into her leotard, but we had some time before we needed to leave. And she said, “No thanks, mom, I’d rather go to the gym.” My princess Rose is close kin to Imelda Marcos. She loves shoes with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. Her willingness to skip shoe shopping to go practice made me really happy. Of course, once I explained that we could do both, she was in seventh heaven.

Her love for it is what makes me think the whole thing isn’t completely insane. She does twelve hours of gymnastics a week, not including performances, of which there were many. And I never wanted to be the pushy, crazy mom who overscheduled the kids and whatnot. But she enjoys it so much, I can’t say no to her on this… I mean, it is such a constructive way to spend her time, way better than wanting to play video games or watch tv or whatever. And the team spirit that the girls all share is wonderful, honestly it kind of chokes me up sometimes how they all root for each other when they are performing. The coaches do a great job facilitating that team spirit and general positive attitude about gymnastics and life, and I can’t imagine a better group of people to have spending twelve hours a week with my kid.

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