Easter Candy


My kids have pretty much not touched their Easter candy since Easter.  Which left Charles and I to pick at the approximately ten pounds of candy until it can now fit into three 24oz. cottage cheese containers.  Today I asked the kids, “Do you want to have some of your Easter candy for a snack?”

“No, thanks,” says Rose.  Though she changes her mind and deigns to have one rainbow twizzler when her brother eats one.

“Wow!”  Dillon says.  “I just ate four pieces of candy.”  He is including in his inventory three jellybeans.

Where do my kids get this restraint?  I wish some of it rubbed off on me.  The best I can do is that I pretty much don’t like jellybeans or milk chocolate or peeps (after the first one) and I can manage to stay away from it if I don’t like it.  But I totally was responsible for the disappearance of anything gummi or of a peanut butter/chocolate combination.

Mostly, I just want the candy out of the house.  Though there is still a bin of candy canes and assorted stocking goodies in the pantry from Christmas…

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