Dillon feeding Rocco

Dillon loves him some babies.   Pretty much since he was a little guy himself, if he saw a baby he had to play with it or sing it a song or something.  I feel that he gets this behavior directly from his grandpa Tim, who some call “the baby whisperer,” and who also displays strange behaviors around babies.  I remember being mortified as a teenager that my dad was playing peek-a-boo with some stranger’s baby in the line behind us in McDonald’s.   (I don’t know what dates that sentence more – that I was a teenager or that my parents used to go to McDonald’s…)

Anyway, today at Family Dinner, D was playing with the twins.  And he told me very solemnly, “I really appreciate how Rocco is in his own little world.  He’s really thoughtful.”  I am sure this says more about Dillon than about Rocco at this point, but I found it adorable.

Of course, later he told me that he was pretty sure Henry was going to be a magician when he grows up.  Who knows, the kid might have some insight into some aspect of baby psychology that the rest of us haven’t keyed into yet…


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