When we traveled to Ethiopia to adopt Rose, I thought about the decision we made not to bring Dillon with us, and I know that was absolutely the right decision for many reasons.  But while we were there, I thought about when I would want to bring the kids back to Ethiopia, because there was a thirteen-year-old adoptee in the group we traveled with when we adopted Rose.  And in my mind and heart, I have felt like the appropriate time to go would be when Rose was 9 or 10.

So that is two or three years from now.  Really, right around the corner when you think about it.  Time to start saving, researching, and thinking about what we would want to do.  I am thinking a two-week trip with a week in Italy and a week in Ethiopia (most flights have to stop in Rome anyway, and it would give a nice break on the way out or back rather than the 30-hour stretch of travel we did both ways last time).   Also, then we could see a little of my heritage.

So think about if you want to join us for the Ethiopian Tour during the summer of 2014.  And let me know.  Italian or Amharic speakers very welcome.

For a great article about visiting a birth country, check out Adoptive Families’ Complete Guide to Heritage Travel.

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