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Being a mom can be pretty darn hard work.  Yesterday, I spent pretty much the entire day (less working six hours) receiving and counting and accounting for girl scout cookie money.  Today, as soon as I got off work, Dillon and I started work on his Science Fair project display.

Thanks to a set of weekly deadlines from his awesome teacher, we didn’t have a lot to do, just assemble the final display board.  I was glad to see that he was taking it very seriously, being as type-A as I tend to be about trying to line everything up properly.  We laid everything out on the board in the required format for projects, and adjusted, and adjusted again.  Then a dog ran across it and we had to adjust one more time before we glued everything down.  Doh.  Here is his final effort, though:

Vampire Power Project

At one point, I had a bit of a flashback to when he was a little guy who didn’t particularly like to fingerpaint.  He inadvertently grabbed the cold, gluey part of the paper when he was going to affix a title, and dropped it immediately.  He told me, “Some people might not have been born with the reflex to drop something cold and wet and gross when they pick it up.  That is not me.”

He’s pretty much always been a kid who didn’t really like to be wet and dirty.  Which I am generally okay with, but I still like to fingerpaint.


2 Responses to “Science Fair”

  1. molly says:

    It occurs to me now, looking at the photo, that the title looks like some sort of civil rights movement for the undead. I assure you, the project is on the energy that drains from your electronic devices when you aren’t using them, and not anything of which Buffy would disapprove.

  2. Michael says:

    I’m having difficulty reading the data section. Also, has this been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal?

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