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Day 9


I made 31 yellow flags tonight – for a total of 34. That is all.

Ironic Creativity (a haiku)


I hate poetry
not always, but mostly
at least amateur.



A friend needed some help turning a few yards of fabric into twenty or so flags.  She brought it over after dinner tonight, and so far I’ve only finished four of them.  My least favorite part is cutting (I hate trying to make right angles – I almost always cut fabric crooked).  But I dug out my fabric cutting board and rotary cutter, which is the right tool for the job:

rotary cutter and board


I did the two big flags first, which is always the best-practice when it comes to cutting fabric or wood or whatever you’ve got, probably.

large flag


And then two little ones.  I am going to drop off my proofs of concept to my friend in the morning and she can decide if the sizes are appropriate.  I didn’t realize that the official flag ratio is 10:19, which really seems too long to me, but that is what I am working from at this point.

small flag

Anyway, that’s six days of creativity in a row!  Not too shabby!  (Tomorrow is probably going to be more flags, though…)

Kind of cheating


Today was a crazy day and I just don’t have the super-creative feeling.  So I am taking credit for the three hours I spent in the beauty salon with Rose getting her cool new hairdo:

For what it is worth, the stylist said that I was the coolest mom ever since I was letting Rose get permanent pink stripes in her hair.  Basically, though, I just let Rose be the creative one.  It was her idea, I just paid for it.  And, I guess, helped her secure permission from her dad for the procedure.  Other than that we had a day of running around to soccer games, birthday parties, and family dinner.  I finished up the herb garden though:

And I laid out the end-of-the-year program for the ‘bridging ceremony’ for my Daisy Scouts that are becoming Brownie Scouts tomorrow.  Not the most creative day, but I’ll try harder tomorrow.  I am going to be helping a friend make 20 yellow flags.