Books, books, books


This was going to be my year of reading for pleasure, since I finished my master’s degree (and three long years of pretty much only reading textbooks and long dry articles), and I have been pretty successful with that so far.  I am over 100 books in since January 1 (you can check my goodreads if you want to verify…) and I have read a lot of great books this year.  Unfortunately, my other goal for this year was to catch up on some TV shows that everyone has told me I needed to watch for the past few/five years, and so I was going to watch Lost on Netflix, but am stalled mid-season 2.  I really like it, but it turns out all this reading has taken up a lot of my otherwise free time, and I generally pick a book over vegging out or whatever.  Anyway, the other day I was talking to someone about a book (it might have been The Golden Compass, which I love) and I said, “don’t judge a book by its movie.”  I thought I made this up, but then I Googled it and it is a thing.

But so is this: Hank Green‘s project called Read it First.  Gotta love it.  Thought I’d share:


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