Knitting a Hat


So I have had knitting envy for a long time.  I like crafty stuff and I love to sew, but I never learned to knit.  A couple of years ago, my sister taught me how to knit a scarf, but the result wasn’t great, and while I had aspirations of spending some time on it and getting better, I didn’t.  Other stuff got in the way.

Until… This Christmas, Rose got a “Knifty Knitter,” which is basically a loom to help you knit cool projects.  And Lo- behold my first project:

knit hat

I think it turned out okay, for a “self-taught by reading the directions” kind of thing.  That I made while I drank martinis and watched “How I Met Your Mother” for four hours on New Year’s Day…  I think I made the stripe too wide, and maybe a little high on the hat, but I am going to experiment with this.  So if you need a hat and don’t mind wearing an experimental one, let me know.

Also I should probably teach Rose how to do it now, since it is technically hers.  She’s really into finger knitting these little bracelets for everyone, so her Nana Joyce thought she’d like to learn the next step, and it was a huge hit at Christmas.

I am going to ask Charles to do a guest blog on how he made a replacement knitting needle for this – it uses a little proprietary tool somewhere between a crochet hook, a latch hook, and a knitting needle, and the kit came with four looms and only one needle, and my mom and sisters all wanted a turn.  (To the point where we were calling craft, yarn, and fabric stores all over Southeastern Wisconsin on the day after Christmas to see if they had spare needles.   Which none of them did.)  But Charles made one out of tempered steel, and it is fabulous.


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