Happy Pi Day!


Quoth my nephew: Do you like this? I made this for you.

Oscar kind of lies about that, though.  (He’s three, what do you expect, really?)  He’s an adorable little liar.  I guess I am lying, too: unless you work with me or Charles, the likelihood that you will eat either the pecan pie or the banana cream pie pictured above is pretty slim.  But I hope you get some pie on Pi day anyway!

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One Response to “Happy Pi Day!”

  1. Three year olds do not “lie.” The lines, if any, between memory and imagination and even perception are blurry at best in a three year old. It is the job of adults to gently instruct children to develop their understanding of the differences (Republicans, for example, are people who never learned). If Oscar says he baked the pies, then I am going with it. I got O’s back on this one!

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