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Random Dillon Thought


[While he and I were eating burritos at Qdoba today…]

Mom, I am really thankful and happy that you and Dad have jobs and we have enough money and we can eat dinner at restaurants sometimes.

[nom nom nom nom]

… But you know, we’re still the 99%.



Dillon: Mom, will you teach me to cook? Then I can help you out with dinners but also when I am a grown up I can feed my family something other than TV dinners.

Me: Sure… [preoccupied, finishing making dinner] Wait – how do you even know what a TV dinner is?

Dillon: Well, Duh, Mom, I’ve read the Omnivore’s Dilemma like five times! Like as much as I’ve read the Redwall Series.

Me: Oh. Okay.

Rose: When I grow up and become a Mommy, I am going to tell everyone to call me “Rocker Girl.”

Me: Um, okay. But can I still call you “Princess Pink” or do you want me to stop calling you that?

Rose: No, that is okay.

Me: And what about Rose, can I call you Rose?

Rose: Well, you can.


My kiddos totally crack me up.