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Rockford Peach Costume


So, just in time for Halloween, I finished the Rockford Peach costume I was working on for my friend Nicole.  I started it a long time ago, but the cancellation of the costume party we were going to led to a long process of procrastination and fear.  But to refresh your memory, this is what I was going for:

Madonna in a League of Their Own

Obviously, the movie “A League of Their Own” and the overall idea is sort of out of vogue, so there was no pattern that I could find readily available to make the costume.  So I used Butterick pattern 5598 and sort of modded it to make this:

The modifications I made to the pattern were to drop the double-breasted style of buttons, elongate one of the lapels and make that fold-over thing (I am highly technical with my self-taught sewing knowledge), and add sleeves.  I just worked it out as I went, and I think it turned out pretty decently.  It looks okay on me, I really hope it fits Nicole well, since she’s a little taller than I am…  I’ll post an update picture in the future if I can get one of her wearing it.