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Dillon: Mom, you are a really good cook.  (Nomming my homemade lasagna…)  And even when we go out to eat you have really good taste.  Like, you pick places that are really good.

Me: I try…

D:  You also have good taste in jokes and stuff.  I can understand why dad wanted to marry you.

Me: Yes but can you understand why I wanted to marry your dad?

D: He’s a computer nerd.

Me: You don’t understand a lot about girls yet, do you?

D: I also think it has something to do with you having good taste.  Like, he’s a pretty nice guy.  Except sometimes when he gets angry, and he’s kind of like the Hulk.  ‘About 2/3 of the time he knows who is on his side.’  That is a quote from the Marvel Superhero Squad that I checked out of the library yesterday.  (Goes into long plot exposition…)