Homeland Security


So today we had our fingerprint appointment.  It was very surreal.  We were warned to get there on time, so we got there a few minutes early, and waited outside of the building with quite a few other people for the building to open. 

Apparently they have some seagull issues downtown, because there had to be at least a hundred seagulls flocking around less than a block away.  I think they're nesting in a pile of rubble from one of the freeway exits that got torn down.  But it added to the wierdness of the situation.  

While we were waiting outside, I mentioned to Charles that I didn't think it would be a particularly happy job to have to work there.  I get the vibe that it's worse than the DMV.  Everyone in line was anxious, freaked out, even us who were there for what should be a pretty happy and exciting event.  This feeling was reinforced as the doors opened and I had to remove all metal, etc., including my belt to walk through the metal detectors.

We have to present our ids and letters several times to receive more forms to fill out, then they call our numbers individially for the fingerprinting.  Basically, they check your hands for cuts, etc., and then scan your fingers in with a machine that sort of looks like a check-out scanner at a supermarket.  Only there's a lady holding your hand instead of a can of refried beans.  It's pretty weird.  I was a little freaked because I have bouts with excema on my hands, and so she commented that I might have to come back again to do it if they couldn't get a good scan, but my hands are pretty much as good as they get, and I told her that.  But I have really messed up fingerprints on two fingers.  I know, gross.  Anyway, the lady holding my hand kept telling me to relax, but I really couldn't.  After what seemed like forever, she finished, and they called Charles up.

 I waited for him outside the scanner room, where I could hear him flirting with the old ladies that work there.  He is so funny like that.  They were having problems getting his prints because his hands are so big or whatever, but he had them all talking and laughing and stuff.  I hung out in the waiting room- most of the people there were there to renew their "resident alien" cards or whatever.  I noticed that some parents brought their kids to translate for them, which was pretty interesting.   There were literally people there of all colors and races, it would have been a pretty cool picture of the promise of America if there wasn't a big framed picture of G.W. Bush right over the metal detectors.   And some of the other Dept. of Homeland Security folks in D.C.  That sort of knocks the wind out of your sails a bit in the waiting room.  There was also a big lit sign that said "God Bless America", which was kind of strange as it really didn't seem to belong. 

 But anyway, let's hope our fingerprints are good to go and things move smoothly towards the next steps, which are:

1.  We're meeting with our international agency in Minneapolis tomorrow.

2.  A mandatory class in a couple of weeks provided by our local agency. 

I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Charles says:

    I was not flirting.

  2. Cheri says:

    it’s genetic. you were. or, maybe, it’s environmental because I do it too.

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