No, it's really not because of Angelina…


Okay, so I got my first dumbass comment related to the adoption today.  From an older lady, so maybe she doesn’t know any better.  But the subject of me adopting a child came up, and this lady makes some comment about how Angelina Jolie adopted a baby from Ethiopia.  Now, while I am (of course) aware of that, as one could hardly stand in a supermarket line without knowing all of the intimate details of her life, that really doesn’t relate to my life, or our decision in any way whatsoever.

 Yes, you know, I was looking at adopting a kid from West Xylophone, but when I saw that Brad and Angelina got a baby from Ethiopia, I just had to get one of those instead.  Like I am picking out a lipstick or purse or something.  I don’t know, maybe she was just making small talk.  But I would think you could think of something better than that to say…

 Ah, well. I feel better now.

2 Responses to “No, it's really not because of Angelina…”

  1. Charles says:

    Yeah… I’m already warming up a series of responses for this kind of thing. They range from ‘informational’ to ‘indignant’ to ‘super-pissed.’ Hopefully we can stay at the ‘informational’ end of the spectrum.

  2. Cheri says:

    Either of you could look the inquirer in the eye and say that you’re hoping that Brad Pitt will notice and leave Angie for you.

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