I Just Bought Ten Barbie Dolls.


Okay, I'm not losing my mind (not entirely, anyway).  I was waiting at a strip mall in Fox Point for the Best Buy to open, because I need an international electricity converter (must charge the iPod, camcorder, etc…) I had fifteen minutes to burn and it occurs to me – we need gum.  You can't get on an airplane without gum!   So I look around, confident my needs can be met without leaving the shared parking lot.  Aha.  CVS.  Not familiar with this, but it looks like a Walgreens or what-have-you, so I enter.  I browse the candy aisle, pick out some gum, look for Haribo gummy frogs, which are awesome but thankfully I never find anywhere (because I probably shouldn't eat them).

Then I browse on over to the huge red clearance signs (which have a magnetic pull that is nearly impossible to escape) because hey, I have fifteen minutes, so…  And I wind up in the toy aisle.  Where Barbies are on sale.  Only, there are only Black Barbies.  Now, in the store's defense, it may have been that Northshore Nancys saw that Barbies were on sale for $3 each and snagged all the white Barbies, which doesn't particularly make me feel better.  The other option is that the Black Barbies weren't selling so CVS cut the prices (these were $8-$15 dolls originally).  

Anyway, I got a very moralistic self-righteousness thing going on and I bought ALL the Black Barbies (which was, as far as I could tell, every Barbie in the store).  But I flashed to Toy Story and thought how much better these Barbie's existence would be with a little girl to love them. 

And now I'm home, electric converter and gum in hand, and I need to re-pack my frigging suitcases.  (Despite the fact that Chuck said I couldn't cram any other things in, I am almost certain that I can.) 

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  1. ccollins says:

    Well, she did make them fit, and i did get on her case for buying more dollies… fish gotta swim.

  2. ccollins says:

    Plus, I can be a bit of a jerk when I’m stressed.

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