Not for those with weak stomachs… Continued


So, I thought she was over it on Monday night.  Pride apparently once again goes before the fall.

Rose has continued to intermittently puke and keep stuff down, though looked terrible today so I took her to the doctor.  They were very nice but couldn't tell me anything, since she doesn't seem to have many other symptoms.  The list of things she could have (I kid you not) range from pneumonia, a virus, a parasite, a lego (she could have 'eaten' a small item), a bacterial infection, and many more.  Apparently vomiting with no fever, other GI issues, etc., could be just about anything.

So we're watching for dehydration, we have to get her to keep liquids down, or take her to the emergency room for an IV.  That would probably be pretty terrible for her (and wouldn't do much for her growing mistrust of doctors and nurses).  So we've really been pushing fluids.  Except she hasn't, and won't drink anything except water or milk, and milk is out of the question right now.  We've bought ten different kinds of juice, gatorade, vitamin water, pedialyte, etc., to see if there is one she'll drink, but she hates the sweet stuff and she mostly flat-out refuses to try it.  And yesterday she puked just from the fruity smell of hand soap, so I have been reluctant to push it.  Apparently Chuck got her to drink a little Propel today, our pediatrician said anything with sugars or electrolytes is better than water.

I'm sure she'll be fine, it just totally sucks right now.  I really want to be able to communicate with her now more than ever!  She seems uncomfortable, and I'd like to make her understand that swallowing the baby tylenol might make her feel better.  Just that we have her best interests in mind and aren't just thinking of ways to torture her.  And to perhaps ask her if she ate a lego.

 On the upside, it's been three days since Dillon's punk rock birthday party and Django is still dyed pink, I kind of thought it would wear off by now, Dharma's did.  (Bathing the dogs has been sort of low on my list of priorities with a sick kid around.  Not that it ever ranks particularly high until they roll in something dead or jump in the river or a similar provocation.)  But it's cool having a pink dog, though he looks a little mortified about it.  Of course, he always looks a little mortified and I'm not sure dogs can see pink…

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