Pepperoni Catastrophe


Dillon ate meat yesterday.  Not too much, just an errant bite of pepperoni pizza.  Hot lunch is all choices these days, occasionally one of the choices is vegetarian, so D gets to buy lunch with the regular kids.  Only he's never seen pepperoni pizza before, so he picked that instead of the grilled cheese sandwich that I had intended he eat when I armed him with a lunch ticket.

He only ate a bite before his teacher, who is also a vegetarian and is aware of Dillon's vegetarianism, told him it had meat and gave him the grilled cheese sandwich instead.

He was a little worried about getting sick or something, but no problems there…  I think Chuck was the most upset, but we're pretty confident it's not going to happen again. 

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  1. Cheri says:

    It was very hard on me when Micah ate his first meat. TJ was fine – even a little happy about it – but I nearly cried. Since then, we’ve discovered that he doesn’t much care for it. Unless it’s sausages, then he’ll bite your hand off if you get between him and it. He still eats almost solidly vegetarian fare since we rarely have any flesh in the house.

    I was also surprised that Micah had no upset stomach or pooping issues after wolfing down his first polish sausage.

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