Happy Halloween!

Dillon and I celebrated by choosing one item from his trick-or-treat spoils for dessert while Rose was taking a bath.  He chose skittles, after carefully perusing each one.  This kid doesn't know much about candy.  It is quite possible (though I can't speak for the activities taking place with his grandparents) that the last piece of candy he ate was around Easter.

We just don't buy it.  I love it, but love being able to fit into my jeans more, so (with the exception of the occasional Take 5 checkout line weakness) I don't buy it.

So to Dillon it's kind of a big deal that he gets to eat this candy on Halloween.  And I sit at the table with him to observe the proceedings.  He opens his little 'treat-sized' bag of Skittles, with approximately 20 Skittles in it, and then sorts them according to color (thank you, Montessori school!).  Then he tastes each color and tries to identify the corresponding flavor (he got all of them right, except for red, which despite my suggestion that it was strawberry, he believed was cherry-apple). 

I asked him for a purple, which is my all-time favorite Skittles flavor. (Those that would suggest that it tastes like grapes are, I am afraid, sorely mistaken.  It tastes like purple.)  He cheerfully gives it to me, then gives me his other purple one as well.  Then, as he tastes each color, he tells me, "you'll LOVE this one, you just have to try it!"  

I initially protest that I don't want to eat his candy (in truth, I have already been eating his candy- the chocolate ones I know he doesn't like) because I don't anticipate we'll let him eat anywhere near the amount he brought home from trick-or-treat, so he should enjoy the ones he does eat.  But he really likes sharing with me, so I break down and eat the ones he gives me, commenting on the tastiness of each one along with him.     

It was really touching to me.  We never let him eat that crap.  And when we finally do let him have it, he basically splits it with me.  It was nice. 

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