Bad Day


So, today sucked terribly at work.  At both of my jobs- the VP job and the consulting.  It was just one of those really, really awful days.  And then I had to pick up the kids and pick up Charles from the train station, which meant navigating downtown traffic and some serious construction.

But we finally all get home.  We plop onto the couch to take a quick breath and Charles tells me to de-stress.  I say that all I need is a moment or two of peace and quiet.  And for some reason the kids started this evil laughter.  This "no way in heck are you having a dang moment to yourself" laugh, which of course makes C laugh too.  But he was pretty sweet, I took a glass of wine and hung out in my bedroom with "lipstick jungle " for a half hour before I made dinner.  It almost made me not irritated that he didn't notice my new highlights and hair cut I had done while he was gone… 

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  1. ccollins says:

    Some people are just inconsiderate jerks…

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