Single mom-ish


I  would say I have a new respect for single moms, except that I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for moms (and dads) who go it alone.  I am just really lucky to have a great support system of family, friends, and (though he leaves his laundry on the floor) Charles.  I have never really understood how people parent by themselves.  I get totally overwhelmed all the time and I have tons of help!

But Charles' out of town at a conference in Michigan, and I'm here with the kids, and it's quite the challenge. Rose is particularly suffering, I think she's worried he's not coming back.  She 'talks' to him on her various play phones, and has actually spoken to him on the regular phone several times, but she still seems to be exhibiting a level of clinginess and separation anxiety that we haven't seen in a while.  She screamed when I had to leave for work this morning (literally).  Which was difficult for everyone involved.

And last night she woke up crying, which was unusual, and tough.  I wound up bringing her to bed with me at 2:30 am because I had a hard time falling asleep, and wound up staying much later than I'm used to and was at the level of fatigue where you're just not thinking of the long-term consequences of setting a precedent you may regret.  Rose wanted to play with the dogs, then, and I finally had to threaten her with going back in her room to get her to finally fall asleep.  Needless to say, I'm pretty freaking tired today, but hopefully that will work in my favor this evening.  I know, I'm a total baby, but I have gotten so used to my husband's presence (not to mention snoring!) that I have a serious problem falling asleep when he's not home.  Not that we EVER go to bed at the same time…  But it's nice knowing he's around.

Dillon's been pretty helpful, though, and broke his record for the quickest time getting dressed ever this morning…   But I'm still looking forward to Charles coming home.

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