New Year's Resolution


Dillon and I had a nice conversation this morning at breakfast.  I told him today was the last day of this year, 12.31.06 and tomorrow was the first day of the new year 1.1.07.  He told me "there's a funny joke with that, you can say 'See you next year' to people when you leave school".  (I had told him that on the last day of school.)

I asked him if he had a New Year's Resolution, and I explained that a resolution might be something you want to do or do differently in the New Year, like my resolution might be to not yell at the dogs as much.

Dillon agreed with my resolution, than he said that he had a different one of his own.  "I want to be CALM.  We had a very exciting and fun year this year, so now we need to take a break and be calm.  Pheew." (wipes his hand across forehead) 

I guess I can concur with that.   Happy New Year! 

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