My Son the Poet & Bring Your Daughter to Work Day


Today at the dinner table, Dillon said out of the blue, "When I give all my love away my stomach hurts and then I cry."  I would love to know what he meant by that.  Follow up questions yielded inconclusive results.


I brought Rose to my work today because her usual daytime caregiver had a sick kid.  I had stayed home yesterday with the kids, and really needed to get back to work, we've got a big black-tie event coming up later this month and things are crazy.  Rose did surprisingly well…  Dillon was always great at entertaining himself- he is the perfect kid to bring to work because he's always so much in his own head.  In a pinch, I've brought him to ridiculously long and boring meetings, and he has always managed to hang quietly in a corner and play or whatever.   Rose is a much more interactive kid.  She needs someone to play with her.  But today she just hung by my desk, played with my huge magnet & paperclips, colored some pictures with highlighters, and watched some "Dora the Explorer" (our all-time favorite and one of the two things she will sit still for any length of time to watch-besides Elmo).  She was great, even though she missed her nap, and I got way more done than I expected I would have. 

When she was watching the movie in our conference room (sort of the standard arrangement of glass windows separating another room so we could see each other the whole time) she kept running back over to my desk to give me long 'Dora' updates.  She'd talk paragraphs excitedly and about the only thing I'd catch would be "Dora," "Backpack," "Map," "Boots," etc.  Ah… to be in my kids' heads today. 

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  1. ccollins says:

    Man, I love those kids.

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