Trying to Stay Warm


School was closed today (and yesterday) due to the extreme cold of our lovely Wisconsin winter, so today I stayed home with D and Rose for a lovely day of indoor fun.  We had a great day working puzzles and playing games.  D managed to con me into allowing him to stay in his spiderman pajamas all day. 

It's been a great couple of days, though… We spent the weekend in Wisconsin Dells where we stayed at an indoor waterpark and had a lovely time.  Rose and D had a great time flying down the waterslides, etc.  Rose wouldn't accept that there were parts of the pool where D could stand but she couldn't.  She's a foot shorter than her brother, so she got quite a faceful of water once or twice before she learned her lesson.   My kids are quite the pool aficionados, though- I'm going to have to get them into swim lessons!

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