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Naughty Words


Charles reads this online comic, penny arcade.  Its alright, I don't get every joke because they are pretty in-crowd, and I'm only sort of in THAT crowd.  But he has them as the screensaver on his computer.  

Dillon is now a pretty good reader, and was putting his shoes on today while looking at Charles' computer.  All of a sudden, Charles realizes what Dillon is looking at, and closes his laptop quickly.  Dillon asked why he couldn't read the cartoon, and Charles said it contained an inappropriate word.

Dillon: "F***ing?"

Charles: "Yes.  Don't ever say that again.  Ever."

There followed some explanations, etc., but it mostly involved Charles speaking and me stifling laughter as I couldn't believe D pinpointed the inappropriate word immediately.   There are times when you absolutely cannot laugh as a parent, and unfortunately those are the times I tend to crack up the hardest.