Rose's Vocabulary


It seems like a common thread of questioning is along the lines of "How is Rose's English?  How is she speaking?" That sort of thing.  The truth is, she speaks great, and can be more coherent and understandable than a lot of the homegrown three-year-olds I know.  

Occasionally, though, she says something that Charles or I just don't understand and we ask her to repeat herself.  This morning, she wraps herself around my leg in a big hug (she only comes about up to my waist these days) and gives me a kiss.  Then she runs into the kitchen to see her dad.

I hear her telling him something, and I hear him ask her to repeat herself, and then he calls me in for a consultation.  I am otherwise occupied in the other room when he asks, but I have some context that he does not.  She said, "I kissed mommy's butt."

I translate and everyone has a good laugh.  Especially D. 

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