Dillon's voice pipes up from the backseat of the car today: "Mom, do you know why I created Superhero Joe?"  Superhero Joe is a superhero Dillon started speaking about pretty much as soon as he could speak coherent sentences.  He's part alter-ego (Dillon's middle name is Joseph) and part amalgam of superheros that D has heard about from school friends and his uncle Nic.

"No, I don't know why.  Please tell me."

"Well, Mom, you always see this American Girl this and American Girl that.  But you never see American Boy!  So I made up Superhero Joe.  (I have to point out here that Rose has one American Girl 'Bitty Baby' that came with three tiny books, one of which D is reading in the backseat.)  He's really cool.  Superhero Joe has all the powers in the world.  He can shoot lava balls out of his mouth.  And metal balls with spikes and stuff.  And sometimes, he shoots spit balls out of his mouth.  The bad guys think this is gross and then they leave him alone.  I am writing a book that is about Superhero Joe going to the moon."

Rose pipes up with "Moo Baa La La La" and cracks her brother up.  But I'm looking forward to reading that book… 

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