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Are gummi frogs part of the Omnivore's Dilemma?


Sorry I've kind of sucked lately with the blogging…  I'll try to get it together!  So I'll sit here and eat gummi frogs (apparently they're mostly carnuba wax and sugar) and give you a quick update.

I am officially beginning grad school on Wednesday.  The Nonprofit Management & Leadership program at UW-Milwaukee.  People keep saying to me, "You are taking THREE classes?" incredulously, so I am a little bit nervous.  I'll be working part-time and consulting, we'll see how that goes.

Rose doing great in school, making leaps and bounds in language- her sentences are getting longer, she has a lot more ideas she wants to share…  She's also loving her gymnastics classes.

Dillon is telling jokes and dancing and his favorite part of school is recess.  Which seems pretty appropriate for a six-year-old boy.  He's still reading like crazy, but hasn't yet made it through the giant box of books we gave him for Christmas.

Mostly right now I am wishing I was in Cancun with my parents (it's like four degrees outside today) or at least in New Orleans with Luke.