Happy Valentine's Day


There's nothing like opening your kid's backpack on Tuesday at 10:30 at night and finding a note from a teacher that says, "Dillon signed up to bring pizza to the Valentine's Day party on Thursday."  Particularly when you've been home for two days with a sick kid and are battling the onset of a cold yourself.  Why couldn't he sign up to bring napkins?  Or, you know, something that there's a chance of us having in the house…

And on top of that, D has his heart set on bringing mini pizzas for everyone in the class.  (He says pee-zah now that he can read the word and insists on pronouncing it 'correctly.'  This is possibly a feat that I could pull off, so I make a tentative commitment to him, gather ingredients and send Charles on an emergency run on Wednesday after work.

I get the bread machine cranking out pizza dough and make a batch before I realize that the cold I was battling has gained some ground and pretty much set up camp in my head.  I was dizzy and feeling terrible when Charles got home and ordered me to bed.  I gave him the bird and told him about the pizza plan, and he asked why I married him if he couldn't be somewhat helpful at least once a year.  So, with a little instruction, he made thirty-two mini pizzas, and a couple of big ones as I had somewhat overestimated the amount of dough we would need.

Of course, D brought home about fifteen mini pizzas today as they had more food than could reasonably be consumed at the party (I am pretty sure that thirty-two kids each brought thirty-two snacks) but that was great as I didn't really make dinner, and watched as Rose ate no less than eight mini pizzas.  Apparently she's getting over her cold.

And on top of that, Charles went to my favorite boutique and bought me some beautiful jewelery and a fabulous shirt.  What a guy.  So aside from being sick, it was a pretty cool day! 

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