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Mr. Stick


I am watching my son right now and wondering why everyone thrusts toys on him for every possible occasion.  

Rose is taking a nap, and I was doing laundry when I found the not-uncommon occurrence of Kleenex all over the stuff in the dryer.  It actually shredded itself into long, thin strips, and since D has potentially developed a fabric softener allergy (hives three days last week!) it was severely charged with static electricity.  I peeled a strip off one of Charles' shirts and it actually flew about three feet horizontally back to the laundry basket.  I thought this was pretty cool, so I showed Dillon.  He and I experimented with the electrically charged tissue particles, and then I lost interest.  It is about forty-five minutes later and all but one tissue has reverted to its non-charged state.  He continues to play with them, and has named the still-charged piece "Mr. Stick" aka "Super Stick".

He's got quite an imagination, and is almost never limited by the restrictions of his environment or available materials.  This has presented a small problem in school, where a pencil can obviously be put to so many other uses than writing in your journal…  But he's a special guy, and I wouldn't change him.  Even if it means I'll probably have to surreptitiously throw "Super Stick" out at eleven tonight after D has long been in bed.