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Updating the Blog…


I've been catching a bit of flack from some people lately for not updating the blog… sorry about that.  I've been in serious crisis mode with school, and just finished my last final exam and project last night, and am done with classes for… about ten days.  Then summer session starts.  Ah well.  At least five of those days will be spent visiting Luke & Jackie in sunny (and probably unreasonably humid) New Orleans.

The kids have been cute as ever, and are constantly amazing me.

Rose is talking a blue streak… except when we want her to, of course!  She's got this new thing.  We want her to use her words to ask for things she desires rather than waiting for us to anticipate her every need.  But she's fantastically stubborn.  Today, she says, "Mom, I really think these goldfish crackers are great.  They are my favorite!" Her bowl is empty.  She wants more.  So I say, "that's great honey, I am so glad you like them!"   And go back to washing the dishes until she actually asks for them.  But she's getting there.  She really is speaking more clearly than ever, going to school has really agreed with her.  And she knows everyone's name in her class, and in her class at daycare, and gymnastics, and African Dance.  She is a friend-magnet.  Everyone loves her and she routinely gets hugs and kisses from lines of children whenever she leaves the room.  I'm only bragging a little, just to illustrate the difference in her behavior when she first started school and was pretty wary of the other kids in the class.  Wink

 D is still a super-reader.  And loving every book he can get his hands on.  He got this book from Rachel and Patrick, something like, "Fifty things kids can do to save the planet" or some such nonsense.  And now he's saving apple seeds to plant trees to stop deforestation and save endangered species…  He's also planning a 2036 run for the presidency on the Green Party ticket.  I asked him who put the Green Party in his head, and he said that a teacher told him about it.  Dang Montessori hippies. 

So I'd like to promise to blog more.  We'll see…  I don't really like to make promises I probably can't keep.