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Easy Reader


So, today we went to the library and got some books that Rose and I can read together (I read a page, she reads a page). She found the Littlest Pet Shop version of Cinderella. I wasn’t aware these things were anything but toys, but definitely wouldn’t recommend them for their literary chops.

First of all – they are dogs and cats, so how is there any question about which dog it is that the prince has danced with? They don’t wear clothes (aside from collars and a tiara or crown)! Also, instead of the glass slipper it is a muddy pawprint…

But Rose did a lovely job with her portion of the reading, outside of saying “PrinK” instead of getting the “s” sound in prince. She’s making great progress, though.

Fun quote of the day


The kids and I had a short discussion of the changing cultural expectations of women after Dillon’s statement, “Girls wear pants more now because we are in the hip hop era.”

During this discussion, my son told me the only thing men can do that women can’t is “produce sperm.” (Not really sure what he’s reading right now but I should probably figure it out.)

Dillon’s baby names


So, someone we know is pregnant (not going to out them in my blog) and D heard about it. He is very excited and can’t wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl. His two cents on the names (or what he, as an 8 year old boy, plans on naming his future children):

If it is a boy: Luigi or Yoshi
If it is a girl: Daisy