Tom Sawyer


So, Dillon is trying to raise/save money for an iPad. His Dad told him if he came up with half the money, we’d pay for the other half. The question then became: how does an 8-year-old with an allowance of $4 per week raise this kind of money?

It occurred to me that there is a hot, long, laborious job that I wanted to be completed this summer that I could outsource.  The fence needs to be stained again.  And Dillon and I negotiated terms and he got to work.

He’s been listening to his iPod shuffle while he works, and occasionally I hear him belting out the strains of a song as he paints.  Yesterday I heard the familiar, “way oh way oh waaaay ohhh waaaay ohhhh,” and he runs over and puts an earbud in my ear.  “You need to hear this!”

I already know, as I am the person who loads the music on his iPod.  And I tell him that the Bangles was the first tape I ever bought.  I am not sure he knows what a tape even is, but he says, “This is my favorite song in the whole world!”  I tell him I’ll make sure it’s on my iPod for our upcoming car trip, and he says, “Yeah, put it on FIVE times in a row.  I like it a LOT.”  And I laugh.

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  1. Charles says:

    Interesting, I thought you made the “we’ll pay half” arrangement for the iPad… My deal was for the Lego Mindstorms…

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