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Lunch Boxes, Boycotts, and Questions


Tonight, Dillon and I were recapping his first day of school while Charles was picking Rose up from the gym. He was unhappy because I sent an old lunch box with him and he didn’t have a new one. I told him that because I am boycotting Target I haven’t been able to find him the one he wants yet.

So that led to questions about why I am boycotting it, and I told him that they had given a lot of money, $125,000, to a guy who is running for Governor of Minnesota who has said some really nasty things about gay people, and I don’t want to give money to someone who is passing it along to this guy.  Dillon’s first statement was that $125K could buy iPads for almost everyone in his school (this is a true statement).  Then he just looked at me like I was missing something important and said, “Mom.  Wouldn’t like a million voters say ‘I have a gay friend and we can’t let this guy be governor’?”

Let’s hope that’s what happens.