Magic Trick


Today was a milestone. Dillon won a magic trick kit from the Harry Potter party (for guessing the jellybeans using an elaborate system that involved counting the visible beans on one side and squaring the result and dividing by another number). So he asked if he could play with it while I was making dinner tonight.  I said that he could, and he proceed to read all the directions and practice some tricks with Rose.  Right before we sat down to eat dinner, he wanted to show me a trick.

It was a variation of a mind-reader trick where you pick one image of a cube with a variety of images on it, put the cube in a box, and the magician “reads your mind” and tells you what you chose.  And he did it flawlessly, he had a little patter going with the eye contact and the misdirection and everything.  I honestly wasn’t 100% sure how he did it.   This is a milestone because, if you have ever had a child try to show you a magic trick, you know you can usually see exactly what is going on, and mostly just pretend you can’t and are surprised.

Which is what I did when Rose performed the trick later, and showed me exactly how everything worked…  Though D and I shared a wink as we humored her a little bit.


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