Cover Band


First, a picture of the family band Charles created.  They look pretty good to me, though it is funny to imagine what the kids will look like as adults (or like, CGI representations of adults):

The family band

The family band

(That was before Charles and I played until 1am last night/this morning and won 7 million more fans and a tour bus.)  Anyway…

The unintended (though not entirely unanticipated) consequence of playing RockBand3 with the kids is the new musical vocabulary they are picking up.  I say that it wasn’t entirely unanticipated because, at first, I just bought Beatles Rockband because it did occur to me that the kids would be singing the songs around the house and wouldn’t it be nice to hear Beatles songs.  And then it turned out that the only song the kids were particularly good at singing was Yellow Submarine, which I was always lukewarm about to begin with, and having it on repeat via the kiddos was not really improving my attitude towards that particular submarine.

And, Charles really wanted RockBand 3.  And Nic started a rumor that you could download Buffy the Vampire Slayer singing “Walk Through the Fire” on it, and I didn’t check the veracity of that rumor, and I bought the game.  (So far I think Nic is full of it, but if you know differently please advise.)  Obviously, I like it a lot.  It is an incredibly fun video game to me.  There are very few video games that I really, really want to play well, and this is one of them.  And the whole family loves music, and this is a fun thing to do together* (we do need another controller, though, because really only three of us can play at any one time right now).

But it still cracked me up completely today when all of a sudden, out of the blue, Rose belts out, “I like Rock And Roll!” and Dillon fills in the “so put another dime in the jukebox, baby…”

Apparently, Rose isn’t entirely sure how she feels about rock and roll yet.  She’s going to take her time and get to know it before rushing into anything.  Maybe go out for coffee…  nothing serious.

But there are way worse things they could like than Joan Jett.  For instance, it turns out Dillon is a fan of power ballads.  I guess I asked for it…


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  1. Michael says:

    Thanks to the gradeschool playground, I still think the lyrics to ‘Yellow Submarine’ are “We all live in a yellow submarine; Somebody barfs and we all turn green.”

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