Santa Baby


Dillon asked me today if I thought Rose still believed in Santa Claus, “Because she’s about that age when you start to hear stuff at school and she’s seen about a million movies and books and stuff where you get clues about it…”

When I responded that I wasn’t sure if she still believed, he said, “I hope she still can.  I don’t want to ask her because I don’t want to ruin it for her.  I am also not going to tell her that we don’t have a chimney and a fireplace and all that.”

He hasn’t believed for a number of years, and really, Charles is anti-Santa and while I want my kids to believe in little magical things, I don’t really try to sell it that hard.  We’ve done our family’s Christmas celebration at home Christmas Eve morning since forever, and Santa has always come a day early to our house anyway, because Christmas Eve we spend with Charles’ family, and Christmas Day we spend with my family.  I don’t think that is what made D realize about Santa though.  As observant as that kid can be about random things, he is really unconcerned with the count down to Christmas and how all the celebrations fit together.

Rose, on the other hand, really wants a printed itinerary in her stocking, because she has been making me go through the plan for weeks.  “Oscar comes what day?  And then Elizabeth and Matte come to town when?  And what night do we sleep over at Grandma’s?”  She is always really interested in how all the plans fit together and what she can look forward to.

In other news, when we were decorating for Christmas last night, she looked at this snow globe and thought it looked like me and her daddy:

polar express snow globe

And just to clarify, that is the little boy and the conductor from the movie The Polar Express.  So we decided it was high time Rose saw that movie, and hopefully she wouldn’t think her parents were represented in a kind of strange snowglobe…  And she loved it, of course, though I think her new favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas.  She’s really into musicals, her favorite movies right now are Annie and Mary Poppins and White Christmas.  Which I am okay with, it is better than watching the Tinkerbell move for the thousandth time.


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