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Tonight Rose and I were talking, and having that conversation moms probably have with sweet eight-year-old kids everywhere…

Rose:  I am going to live with you even after I am a grown up.

Me: Well, you might want to get married or something and have kids.

Rose: I don’t know who my husband would be!

Me: You might change your mind when you are a little older.

Rose: I am going to have kids but live here with you.

Me: You can live here with me as long as you want.  And when you are a grown up and have kids, I will be those kids’ grandma.

Rose immediately breaks into hysterical giggles.  She thinks that me being a grandma is the funniest idea EVER.  And laughs for easily a minute straight before she says, “You are my mom.  And you’ll be my kids’ GRANDMA!” and immediately cracks up again.

When he was eight, Dillon told me I’d be going along with him to college.  That kind of sweetness doesn’t come up as often these days, so I’d better enjoy it while I can.  Though it is pretty funny to think about ever being a grandma.